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Assistive Devices

What devices can do to help children who suffer from muscle weakness.

"Children and adults suffering from Collagen VI-related dystrophy suffer from muscle weakness.  Thus, any way to "lighten" the person, can greatly improve capabilities and posture. 


For example, Wesley can easily walk up the stairs in the pool, but has great difficulty on our front steps. "

- Kevin McGoff

marcus-wallis-MTeZ5FmCGCU-unsplash copy.

Theory and Technology

Wearable Assistive Devices

In much the same way that genetic therapies are progressing at lightspeed, so is mechanical, battery and software technology.  Just a few years ago it was impossible to imagine a battery powered exoskeleton (think Iron Man suit / device) to help children who suffer form muscle weakness. 

TThe Bioinspired Exo-Muscular Suit / Popovic Labs (2021)

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The technology is here to make wearable assistive devices to help support bodyweight, increase arm strength, leg strength, etc.  In fact, various devices have been developed for adults.  However, there is little development in this area for children.  

Hydro Muscle - A Novel Soft Fluidic Actuator / Popovic Labs (2021)

We will be supporting and encouraging various development of pediatric assistive devices, to help kids walk, lift and live life.  We believed there is wide applicability for devices of this sort, as many children suffer from various physical disabilities.  

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